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Servers are amazing things!!.. Websyssupport puts your server worries to rest. Help you migrate and manage your business in any cloud or hosting platform.

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Linux Support

Covering everything from PHP to MySQL, Apache to NginX: we’re Linux server experts with decades of experience from small servers to high-volume web sites.

FreeBSD Support

We have been building reliable and secure solutions with FreeBSD since version 1.0, and are active FreeBSD community and FreeBSD foundation supporters.

Maintenance Plans

Affordable peace of mind: flat fee maintenance and monitoring for your servers. We handle everything so that you can focus on running your business!

Availability & Scaling

Stop worrying about the future, upgrade to our secure scaling platform and make down time a thing of the past. From two servers to dozens, our systems grow with you.

Off-Site Backups

Fully managed, high security backups are ready when you need them. Protect your organization from disaster with our reliable fully managed backup system.


All of our services’ pricing in one location for quick and easy review, including our hourly rates, monitoring plans, off-site backup storage and retainer packages.

Core Technologies

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Pricing Plans

Our services are available on-demand, In any emergency or server assessment and planning. Save money with our monthly plans and get priority guaranteed availability with our engineers. Perfect for keeping costs lower with monthly plans
Standard Server Support $40/hr
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Server Support 15 Hours $500/mo.
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Server Support 30 Hours $900/mo.
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